Why Choose A Sustainable Stylist

DO you want to be happier? 

  • Are you unhappy how you dress? Do you feel unhappy about your style choices?
  • Are you wasting time and money shopping and still not finding the clothes that make you happy?
  • Is your wardrobe full of clothes, but you often have nothing to wear?
  • Do your clothes trap you in the wrong emotions? Is your wardrobe full of clothes for the person you want to be, but you are not? Or is your wardrobe full of clothes you don’t want to be reminded of or is your wardrobe taking you down memory lane?
  • Do you feel your wardrobe is wearing you down and holding you back, because nothing fits or suit you and what fits makes you feel bad?
  • Is your wardrobe not reflecting your current build and lifestyle? Are you lacking dress options and variety where you spend your most time?
  • Do you feel trapped, unhappy with yourself and the world we live in?
  • Are you worried about your self-image?
  • Do you compare yourself to others how they dress with style?
  • Do you dress to please your social circle? Are you trying to keep up an appearance? Do you feel clothes are giving you prestige, social ranking, class, respect, and love?
  • Are you suffering of low esteem to be true to yourself?
  • Do you have a shopping addiction that effects your wellbeing, wallet, and the planet? Do you shop to make you feel happy?
  • Do you feel left out by the Fashion industry because you can’t find anything that reflects your current you?
  • Do you feel not getting enough value from fashion for your money?
  • Do you feel tricked and upset by the fashion industry, false promises, wasteful practices, and obsession with fast fashion?
  • Do you feel lied to by the Fashion industry by making it difficult to make better, smarter, mindful, and conscious shopping decision?
  • Do you feel appalled by the animal’s cruelty in the name of Fashion?
  • Are you anxious about the planet’s future and feel powerless to reduce climate change?


It doesn’t have to be this way. I can help you.

My sustainable style services will dramatically improve your happiness, your wardrobe and leave a positive impact on the planet at the same time.


✅ Choosing effortlessly, the clothes that make you feel good, look good, and never worrying about what others think.

✅ Owning a wardrobe that you want, need, and love and has a positive impact on the planet.

✅ Becoming your own style and shopping pro, only buying what brings you joy without seeking approval of others or unnecessarily hurting the planet.

✅ Taking back control, making fashion work for you, and rediscovering the joy of clothes.

✅ Becoming a mindful, conscious shopper for a happier, healthier and greener planet.

✅ My style services are an instant game-changer for how you feel, look, behave and act with a new found attitude for a happier you and planet. ️

Using my sustainable services is the first step on a new path of truth in fashion consumption–and a journey to your best happiest and healthiest ever.

It is about making happier and greener decisions about the clothes you wear and buy.⁠

I will show you how to unlock your best, making positive change in your shopping behaviour that makes a positive impact on the planet at the same time: BECOMING A FORCE FOR GOOD.

Fashion Happiness is not a destination, but a direction. It is not about perfection but doing better with every single new purchase.

We need to take positive actions by coming our own FASHION & STYLE heroes to bring positive change to our self-image, our wardrobe, our shopping inspirations to become fashion happy inside out. 

What you will get in return by using my services:

  • You will save a fortune on finding clothes for your build and current lifestyle.
  • You will save time on knowing what to buy.
  • You will reduce your carbon footprint, packaging waste, and pollution by shopping quality and long-lasting styles. Eliminate the fashion fix that will cost you and the planet.
  • You will gain self-love, self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-respect by gaining this unique know-how.
  • At the same time, you will learn which fashion styles were designed with your build in mind, and which styles to give a miss with confidence.
  • You won’t be green washed by all the fashion myths and lies because you will be in the know. Fashion has a much higher price tag. Only because it is hidden, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
  • You won’t be any more triggered by Fashion’s hooks to do impulse shopping or buying trends that are not relevant to you or being influenced by the wrong influencers to buy clothes that you don’t need or are not reflecting your values you believe in.
  • You will become a savvy, conscious and mindful shopper doing good for the planet.
  • You will discover new, beautiful, exciting, and sustainable brands alternatives to fill your new wardrobe.
  • You will own a wardrobe that you want, love, and need, because it reflects your current you and lifestyle.
  • You will become strong at your weak places.
  • You will become free of your fashion and body securities. You will become your own fashion pro, style guru and free of other people’s opinions.
  • You will become your own hero in your own story.
  • You will become free of stress, shopping, and life traps.
  • You will learn how to shop with purpose and positive impact.
  • Discover the know-how and tools, how to become a happier you and have a positive impact on the planet.
  • Become the agent of change for yourself and the planet.
  • How to wear your values and how to remove yourself from negativity and start living your best sustainable life.
  • You will be living happier because you are investing in yourself and the planet.

Start to live your life on your own terms to make yourself fashion happy, and the planet happy. Make yourself a priority and start to invest in yourself with the one-of-a-kind know-how- the MJ METHOD.