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Aside from investing in the right fabrics there are many ways we can all improve the sustainability rating of our own wardrobes. We consumer can small steps that can help by being a mindful, conscious and responsible consumer where we consider quality over quantity. The longer you keep your garment in your sustainable wardrobe means less pollution.

We consumer must start to understand, that our negative shopping habits are setting off a chain of reactions, which have bad consequences for our planet.

I want to inspire you to shop mindfully, with purpose and the sustainability of garments focusing on the environmental impact, supporting local businesses and thinking deeper about who we are gifting to as well with what.

I want to inspire you to take your time buying and adding a new item to your sustainable to avoid clutter and negativity. Your new sustainable should be kept current, timeless, minimal and relevant.

Don’t trade in your health for a killer outfit

What we put on our face is just as important as what we put on our bodies.⁠ Toxic clothing is as harmful as toxic beauty products. Plus it covers more skin with toxins.⁠

We are all familiar today with the importance of clean beauty and that the very product that is intended to “clean” can make you toxic and actually harm your health.⁠

The same issue applies to Fashion- especially Fast Fashion.⁠

Clothing manufacturers coat their products in seriously toxic chemicals at several different stages, from colouring fabrics to finishing pieces. Never mind the significant environmental impact, or the human cost in factories

Unlike the nutrition facts on the back of our favourite foods, clothing doesn’t come with a conveniently itemised list of ingredients.⁠

8,000 synthetic chemicals used in fashion manufacturing, most of which contain known carcinogens and hormone disruptors,are kept undisclosed and hiding within the fibers of the industry’s most sought out styles.⁠

Unfortunately, toxic chemicals are not much regulated! Most brands manufacture overseas, where regulation is far behind. Only the most toxic chemicals are regulated.⁠

So, if you are wearing clothing coated in toxic chemicals these chemicals can permeate your skin, which is constantly eliminating and absorbing ― and go in your body.

And that is why Fashion is as well a health issue and it matters to shop sustainable brands and always to read the labels