My Unique Approach To Personal Styling

There’s so much confusion about what to wear- how to wear – what fashion is – what the fashion rules are – how to style yourself – what your wardrobe should have – what the investment buys are.

So, you are jumping from one fashion purchase to the other – listening to different fashion voices and getting more confused with every new purchase. After you have spent thousands of pounds you conclude nothing seems to work – and you are not any wiser but poorer and unhappier than before, because you start to think there must be something wrong with you and you are getting more insecure about yourself and self-image?

Are you fed up with seeing and getting contradictory fashion advice from experts? Just like the tobacco industry lied to us about the dangers of cigarettes, the same untruths, cover-ups, and deceptive practices are occurring in the fashion industry.

I will be unlocking the truth and open the lid off the lies we’ve been fed about the fashion we consume lies about fashion trends – fashion styles, effects on our health, the negative footprint and destruction of our environment we enable, how to read label information, and even the very scary dirty secrets that the fashion industry doesn’t what you to know.

MY Services are NOT LIKE ANY Other Styling Services OR Fashion BOOKS or Courses YOU’VE EVER used or read.

From the very start, my mission has been simple: to tell women the truth about the fashion we are shopping and wearing and making them strong at their weak places.

I will not only tell you and show you the Fashion lies & Fashion myths that are making you unhappy and unwell, but also how to find your unique STYLE DNA. Something that the Fashion Industry doesn’t want you to know.  They want to keep you insecure and needy, so that you stay hooked and keep coming back for new purchases which are usually based on false promises.

Instead, the Fashion industry are using their fashion marketing threat hooks on you to make you buy their newest and latest.

Fact is only because it is in fashion it doesn’t automatically mean it will look good on you. As well the most beautiful dress will not automatically transform you to be the most beautiful you. While the right style for you will always do guarantee this transformation.

Dressing right to look our best takes strategy

We can’t simply wear what we want when to look our best and expect to leave with that purchase as well a positive impact on the planet.

Even if we share dress size it doesn’t mean we can wear the same dress, because we are differentiating in several body features and each person has their own unique combination of it.

As we have our unique DNA we have as well our unique STYLE DNA. We are all different and that is why we all need our own unique dressing guide to look and feel our best. Fashion and style will allow for flexibility and creativity.

Here is an example of a woman in one size and how they can differentiate in their built .One dress design can’t look good or/and suit, fit all these women in the same way.

Don’t as aspire to be a copy when you be the original? Even if you look like a beautiful celebrity e.g., as Jessica Alba, Giselle, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid …. you will be always a copy and never the original.

I believe this is simply not a healthy outlook as well that “comparison is the killer of any SELF VALUE, SELF CONFIDENCE, SELF RESPECT and SELF ESTEEM.”

As Diane von Furstenberg said: ”The earlier you become your best friend – the better life will be.” Meaning get to know yourself first, before you dress yourself! You should be and become your very own fashion expert on what looks good on you and what doesn’t.

You are what you wear, so wear your values and shop in what you believe in.

Life might not be perfect, but your outfit can be. It is about shopping with purpose, mindfulness, and impact.

We wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time, and the other 80% we wear once or never. Do you know why women struggle with finding the best fashion and style choices?⁠

The main reasons are:⁠
~ how we see ourselves and⁠
~ how we want to be seen
~ who we truly are ⁠
~ we shop to fit in
~ when shopping we are filling our lives with what is missing
~ and we are listening to the wrong influencers who don’t have our and the planet’s best interest at heart.


It must stop to be COOL to buy clothes from brands, influencers and stylists who don’t promote transparent, responsible, ethical and sustainable fashion.

That is why there is a disconnect between us and the fashion trends and clothes we buy, which results in wanting and buying the wrong style choices.

These wrong purchases cost us and the planet at the same time.
Negative shopping habits are setting off a chain of reactions, which have consequences – from a negative self-image, body insecurities, addiction to newness, impulse shopping, accumulating fashion waste, creating pollution and carbon footprint. ⁠

I want to help women to become Fashion Happy, which is about self-insight by removing negative labels and apply the new learning how they work for a better you and a better life.

As a result, women can be in charge of their own success- dressing right with purpose and impact. After all, women are the CEOs of own lives. 

It is about knowing yourself inside out and be always true to yourself, be authentic, unique and dare to be different.

BELIEVE IN BETTER and invest in yourself and the planet.