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Building a Sustainable Wardrobe starts with strategy, because transformation starts with a state of mind.

  • Do you feel like having nothing to wear despite having a full closet? If yes, then it is time to buy clothes that are relevant to you and your lifestyle. Where there is clutter even valuable things lose their value. While in a sustainable wardrobe every single piece stands out with conviction, purpose, impact and fit.
  • Do you feel your wardrobe is holding you back? Are your shopping traps manifesting themselves in your wardrobe? If yes, then you have surrounded yourself with negativity that is hurting your mindset and the planet.
  • Do you wear 20% of your clothing 80% of the time and the other 80% you wear once or never. If yes, remember that where there is too much, nothing stands out. While in an ethical closet every single piece stands out with value, love and tells a story.
  • To RESET your life every single wardrobe piece needs to have a purpose and a function.
  • We are detoxing your wardrobe together by you understanding and knowing what you need to give up rebuilding yourself. Every remaining item must fit your current Style DNA, so it can become part of your new sustainable wardrobe
  • We are going to map out your life, meaning who you are, where you are, where you want to go, assessing your lifestyle including hobbies and where you spend your most time in.
  • We are creating the most dress solutions where you spent your most time. This is all about how you allocate your available budget to your current and your future wardrobe with style heroes and investment buys.

Our wardrobe can become very easily a vulnerable place because it is filled with the wrong items where we surround ourselves with negativity.


  • Clothes are not anymore just clothes, but symbols of associations, because our life traps have manifested themselves in the clothes we keep in our wardrobes.
  • Building a sustainable wardrobe starts with you- who you are, who you want to be and where you are going. It is about knowing yourself inside out. As result we will do less shopping mistakes that cost us and the planet at the same time.
  • A new wardrobe always symbolises an external and internal change. Change comes always with friction with ourselves and with our surroundings, because it is new and different. Change means always of letting go of something to make room for something new and this is weirdly threatening our safety, security, and stability – even if we are deeply unhappy with our wardrobe and ultimately with us and our lives.
  • Therefore, detoxing our wardrobe is about detoxing our life, because we are letting go of things that are not us any more in the current moment.  And In order to detox right we need to be open to change.
  • The idea of creating a sustainable or ethical wardrobe from scratch can be a costly transition, but also meaning a drastic change in the labels you used to buy. Fact is what you buy, wear, and keep in your closet matters. There’s the prospect of not being able to wear the brands you are used to and limiting your choices in terms of trends and to spend a little more than you would normally.
  • The goal is about curating a wardrobe by prioritising longevity and keeping only clothes in your active wardrobe that have a need and purpose in that moment. They should always reflect your current Style DNA and reflect your current lifestyle. The garments should fit you, suit you and be comfortable to wear.
  • As a result, you are filtering out the distractions and clutter, because every single piece has a purpose and function for the life you are leading in that very moment while you are wearing your STYLE heroes on repeat.
  • Your wardrobe should reflect what you think of yourself and not what you think other people think of you. At the same it is a manifestation what you are thinking how you are addressing consumption that is hurting our planet and what you personally are doing about it.
  • Please care for your clothes in your closet- give them love and attention by treating them with respect, so they will last longer e.g. washing less, air-drying to storing them into categories and keeping them tidy in your closet. Treat your clothes like the good friends they are. In return you get the best ROI on your clothes, because the more you wear them the cheaper they become.
  • Keep in mind that the clothes that you have already in your wardrobe and you love to wear- even  if they don’t have a sustainable angle – e.g. not having a sustainable composition, – are already your most sustainable clothing because you are love to wear them.  That means you are giving them many wear-outs and therefore making them last longer.


  • By extending the lifetime of your garment only by 9months you can reduce the waste in resources, carbon footprint and waste by 20-30% in each category. Just imagine what you can do when you extend the lifetime of a garment to 1 year and more!
  • The goal of a sustainable wardrobe is about becoming a happier you and for a happier planet because everything we do and buy causes an effect on us and the planet at the same time. We need to start to pay attention on how to break the vicious circle of buying clothes that is hurting us and the planet.
  • Building a conscious wardrobe might take longer, because it might be new territory or because you are making informed decision rather making instant decisions for a quick fashion fix.
  • A conscious wardrobe is simply work in progress. So, take the step mindfully by defining and redefining your wardrobe with love, care, and patience.
  • Mapping out your life is very individual and will be constantly changing, so always make sure your wardrobe is in sync with it.

Your Benefits

  • Having a wardrobe that you love, want, and need, because you it is full dress solutions for your current you and lifestyle.
  • Every single item has a purpose, and you keep wearing them on repeat, which saves you time and money and makes the planet happy at the same time, because it causes less fashion waste and pollution.
  • In a sustainable wardrobe every single piece stands out with conviction, purpose, impact and fit and every single piece reflects value, love and tells a story.
  • Building a sustainable wardrobe is about surrounding yourself with positivity, which will empower you day in and day out while making you look and feel happy.

We keep shopping in the hope that our next shopping purchases will make up for the previous ones and make us look and feel happier.

Unfortunately, that is never the case. Instead, it created bad shopping patterns and habits that caused us harm by making us feel bad about ourself and ultimately resulting as well in a negative impact on our planet.

On that note, please remember that removing clothes from our wardrobe because they don’t fit, or we don’t wear them anymore and simply replacing them with new clothes won’t give us the needed transformation.

BUT THE RIGHT STYLE FOR OUR BUILD, will guarantee this transformation.

Your past wardrobe didn’t answer the question of who you are – inside and out. It didn’t answer the question how to change for the better with lasting effect, it didn’t answer the question of what you need instead in your new wardrobe – it didn’t set you free- it didn’t transform you to rebuild- it didn’t reset or make you fashion happy. It just gave you a new brush over and will kept you locked in your life traps. 

A happy wardrobe is full of clothes that you love, need, and enjoy wearing – every single piece is part of your day-to-day dress solution, that reflects of you who you are and what current your lifestyle is. A wardrobe that makes you look and feel strong inside out.

Your new sustainable wardrobe should be a place of joy, empowerment, and mindfulness.  It should be always a reflection of your current you.

Wardrobe Refresh

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  • A check up wardrobe edit if your current sustainable wardrobe fits its purpose
  • Addressing possible changes
  • Discussing maybes
  • Answering style questions


Keeping current, being in the know on what works and what doesn’t, avoiding costly mistakes that are hurting your mindset, your body and the planet

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