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Discover Your Unique Sustainable Style DNA

Know yourself, before you dress yourself

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  • Shop with purpose and impact
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Declutter Your Wardrobe

  • Wardrobe detox
  • Discover what to keep or let go
  • Recommendations for investment buys
  • Learn about new sustainable options
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Personal Shopping

Let me help you find your sustainable style solutions 

  • Save time and money finding ideal outfits for work, board meetings, interview, Zoom calls, speaking engagements and special occasions.
  • Want to buy a new new dress, jeans, raincoat or swimwear but not sure what suits you best I can feedback on your ideas or provide 3 recommendations.
  • Looking for new sustainable brands I can make recommendations of stylish and sustainable alternatives.
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The Benefits Of Using My Services

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.

You can be happier.

  • Learn how to live life on your own terms.
  • Break free from negativity.
  • Lose your insecurities.
  • Become aware of your shopping and life traps.
  • Reset your goals.
  • Develop strategies for change.
  • Become your own fashion and style hero.
  •  You will learn in my consultations what many women never learn in a lifetime!

I am decoding Fashion for you and make trends relevant for you

  • Learn how the fashion industry undermines your happiness.
  • Discover what the fashion industry doesn’t want you to know.
  • I will reveal the top fashion and design myths.
  • Why fast fashion is bad for the planet and your health.
  • Why quality matters and why Fashion is drip feeding us lies in beautiful instalments.

The planet’s problem and opportunity.

  • Understand the impact of your fashion choices on the planet and your wellbeing.
  • Learn how you can make better choices for you and the planet.
  • Discover the truth about “killer garments”.
  • The problem of waste through overproduction, over packaging and over-consumption.
  • Why free returns are not free. Why the fashion industry must change and how you can be the agent of change.

Moving to a happier you and happier planet.

  • The importance of ethical, sustainable, slow, and circular fashion.
  • Moving towards sustainable consumption and production.
  • What you can do to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Buy less. Buy better. Demand more.
  • Choose lasting style versa fast fashion fix and quality over quantity.
  • Ask why before you buy fashion. You are what you buy. Wear your values.
  • Follow the threat of your clothing.
  • Happiness is the pursuit of meaning and purpose.

How to look good while doing good

Change your thinking to transform your wardrobe and your life.

  • Tell your most powerful story, develop strengths at your weak places.
  • Discover the power of visual balance
  • Fashion for good is all about wearing your values.
  • Be confident about being authentic than being a bad copy of someone else.
  • Become the hero of your own fashion story.

Find out your unique style DNA

I’m going to teach you my unique empowering MJ method, which is the blueprint on how to assess yourself step by step.

‘Learn the rules like a pro so he can break them like an artist’  – Pablo Picasso.

This concept takes the guessing game out of the equation. You will understand what looks good you, what doesn’t and why. Learning my MJ METHOD will remove you from the opinion of others. It puts you in control for the rest of your life.

How to detox your wardrobe right rather replacing them with more of the same

  • Make your wardrobe work for the current you
  • Remove what doesn’t make you happy, become aware of why even valuable clothes lost their value and why nothing stands out.
  • You can’t lead a positive life by surrounding yourself with negativity.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle, and repeat. This is how you start a sustainable wardrobe.

      Learn from me how to detox with a strategy rather than removing your clothes from your wardrobe, with no concept and then simply refill them with the wrong items again – just with a newer price tag.

      Owning a happier wardrobe

      Unique, effortless, sustainable, relevant, and versatile, always something wonderful to wear.

      Becoming an informed, conscious, and mindful shopper for a happier you and happier planet. Buy in what you believe in.

      Conscious Consumerism is referred as voting with your money. Every single time you buy something you casting a vote in what type of world you want to live in.