My Style Concept

Every woman is different and has her own personal STYLE DNA and therefore needs a different dressing code to dress for success.

Dressing right takes strategy we just can’t wear what we want to look our best. Dressing right is all about creating visual balance in your look.

There are an infinite number of physical features, and each person has their own unique combination of these.

Creating visual balance means understanding that each garment has different characteristics and does different things to our visual appearance. You can lengthen, slim and direct attention to exactly where you want to focus attention, and away from the places you don’t.

The problem with understanding your body shape is that most women focus on specific areas (i.e., problems zones such as the tummy, arms, bottom, thighs etc), which can cloud your judgement when it comes to seeing the whole picture.



It’s important to view yourself first as a whole so that you can define your body shape, before you are assessing yourself on your body features such as neck, bust, arms, waist, bottom, and calf size.

When choosing clothes, your aim is to create the illusion of having a balanced body. A visually balanced body, regardless of weight or height, always looks more flattering, slimmer, healthier, and younger than an unbalanced one.

When it comes to looking good, it’s not your size that matters, it’s the fit of your clothes. But fit doesn’t equal suitability. Just because something is available in your size it is not guaranteed to deliver an attractive visual balance in your look.

In my sustainable style services, I will personally teach the top secrets on how to dress right and how to apply this know-how for yourself and lifestyle.

My unique MJ method is a proven formula, that I apply in all my styling services. It is based on concrete know how and expertise that I gained while working with thousands of women one to one who wanted my help and advice for their personal and business image.

My customers are from all walks of life, age, style personalities, budget, based all around the world- women who are all different in their build, needs and wants.

Every customer required her very own dress solution to make her fashion happy inside out to lead her best sustainable life.

My know – how is based on working in the Fashion industry for more than 20 years.

My expertise I gained from working in different Fashion industries from the publishing world, advertising world, stylist, fashion designer, working in the offline and online fashion world and working in different countries. A KNOW HOW truly unique.