How to Prepare Yourself for a Wardrobe Declutter Consultation

  1. Do you need a new cupboard, because your current is too old or too small, because it doesn’t have enough space or shelves and that is why it is more difficult to keep your wardrobe organised and tidy? If yes, you might need to get a new cupboard for your new sustainable wardrobe.
  2. If not, clean your wardrobe first.
  3. If your wardrobe doesn’t have a full-length mirror invest in one- it is essential to view yourself in a full-length mirror when we are detoxing your wardrobe together.
  4. Also, invest in good clothes hangers- ideally in sustainable ones.  Best to get different styles for the different garment types- each has different requirements so your clothes can stay in shape.
  5. Get enough bin bags for the clothes you want to remove.
  6. Please have no distraction when doing our detox consultation otherwise we won’t finish what we started. 
  7. Once we are connected, please switch off your phone and email, so we can stay focused.
  8. Prepare yourself as well for combat: Have enough water and snacks to keep you going until we finished
  9. Please create 6 piles: Donate, resell, pass on, repair, dry clean, maybe- clothes that need a second examination.
  10. To assess your wardrobe on fit, you need to try on your clothes for me to see. So, please be dressed appropriately, so you are ready to try them on e.g., underwear or fitted yoga gear.
  11. Ensure to place your laptop or computer, so I can see you from top to toe
  12. Good lighting helps.