How to Prepare Yourself for Your Sustainable Style DNA Zoom Call

  1. Fill out our Style Questionnaire
  2. Book an appointment
  3. Wear fitted underwear or fitted yoga wear under your bathrobe, so I can assess your shape.
  4. Please be make up free and have your hair pulled back. If you have a fringe, please pull it back with a hairband.
  5. Ensure to place your laptop or computer in a way, so I can see you from top to toe
  6. Also, keep a full-length mirror next to the computer or laptop, so you can view yourself at the same time while I am assessing you.
  7. Please keep your space as private as you need to feel comfortable and save.
  8. In order not to be disturbed ensure a time and place where we won’t be interrupted
  9. Once we are connected, please switch off your phone and email, so we can stay focused.
  10. Having good lighting helps with assessing your personal colouring.