Michaela Jedinak Sustainability Manifesto

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

  • We championed slow and sustainable fashion, long before it was fashionable.
  • We believe in creating clothing that you’ll love for years to come. Not just one season.
  • We don’t subscribe to the traditional seasonal calendar but offer you what you want, when you want it.
  • We encourage you to buy less and invest in quality. Our pieces are modern but classic, multi-seasonal, and versatile enough to create a wardrobe for all occasions.
  • We simply don’t believe disposable and wasteful fast fashion is good for you or the environment.
  • We make high quality long lasting items by working with one local factory to ensure ethical practices and impeccable craftmanship.
  • We hand-pick high quality fabrics which are comfortable, long lasting and increasingly sustainable.
  • We use only fabrics from Europe to reduce transportation waste.
  • Our innovative made to order, no inventory model promotes personalisation and sustainability while dramatically reducing wasteful over production and returns.
  • We never destroy clothes or fabrics. All sample dresses and returns are sold at discount prices while any surplus dress fabric is recycled as accessories.
  • And finally we are committed to reducing unnecessary packaging. Sorry no more gift boxes!