Michaela designs dresses with you and your body shape in mind. Unlike many designers she offers a choice of styles and cuts to suit every body type. It is more like personal tailoring but without the price tag.

  • Figure flattering dresses with immaculate tailoring for fit
  • A choice of styles to suit every body shape
  • Italian fabrics for comfort and fit
  • Powerful colours in practical, stylish and timeless designs
  • Investment dresses to cherish for years
  • Made for you in Britain

‘For those who live in dresses, Michaela’s concept is a Eureka moment’.
Lisa Armstrong, Fashion Editor the Daily Telegraph


Michaela Jedinak is a personal stylist , designer and fashion entrepreneur . She launched her fashion label in 2013.

Michaela has a unique range of experiences from the fashion, media and design industries in London, New York, Milan and Prague.

She was Managing Director of Cosmopolitan in Prague where she deepened her passion for colour and style.

While working for a design agency in Milan she developed a love for Italian women's style. They naturally know how to effortlessly look their best and create their own signature looks.

While working for Grey Interactive she recognised the potential for online media to empower women and dramatically improve the clothes shopping experience.

Michaela is passionate about finding the perfect fit and style for a women's shape.She wants to empower women to wear a dress that makes them look and feel good ,bringing a smile to their face every time they are wearing it.
Michaela believes that everyone is different and they should build on their own unique DNA rather than try to be a bad copy of someone else! Dressing with style needs strategy and an understanding of your colouring and body shape. Michaela advises against following every single fashion trend.

In 2005 she founded one of the leading colour and style consultancies Joy of Colour.

In 2009 she launched Joy of Clothes, www.joyofclothes.com, to share her personal styling experience with a wider audience. It is now one of the leading personal style websites with a loyal worldwide following.

In 2012 Michaela published her first ebook, STYLE ME, Your Personal Stylist

In 2013 she launched her first dress collection.

Michaela is a dog owner, great animal lover and supporter of animal causes including the preservation of our remaining wild life. She tries to increase awareness of the fact that there is no need for fur in fashion while helping with education to stop the poaching, killing and cruelty of animals for fashion.

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