Michaela Jedinak's new collection is designed to flatter your body shape by creating the attractive visual balance of the neat hour glass body shape.

The dresses are sophisticated, timeless and current and allow each wearer the opportunity to add their own style personality by combining it with different accessories.

The theme of the dresses is the "Front Slash", which is interpreted differently on each body shape, so they create the perfect visual balance for that body shape.

The collection includes classic dress shapes like the shift, A-line dress, bodycon, fitted, full skirt and asymmetric dress.

Michaela’s first collection includes 7 dresses. Each one is designed to flatter a specific body shape. Each individual silhouette created for a body shape gives you an attractive visual balance by creating or hugging curves at the right places. Figure flattering silhouettes are created with perfectly placed shoulders, necklines, backs, seaming, darts, lining and vents.

Each dress is featured individually, with the reasons why it suits your body shape.


The collection is designed and manufactured in the UK so we can respond quickly to customer demands and ensure the highest level of quality.


"When in doubt wear red"
Coco Chanel

The first collection is designed in red. When a woman feels confident then she will wear red. Red is a colour that makes you feel good and energises you. It is one of the most versatile colours that can be worn to any occasion, event and season.

Michaela has chosen a red that will look great on the majority of women. It’s undertone is blue driven and will therefore work on most skin tones, hair colours and is suitable for all age groups of women. It is a deeper red, which makes it a sophisticated choice for formal and business occasions, but bright enough to energise your look and make you feel and look dynamic. It is a red that is as modern as elegant and will be always a timeless colour choice.


All dresses are made with luxurious, high quality Italian wool with Elastane for comfort (96% WV-4%Elastane) and with lining to support a perfect fit.

The Elastane will allow movement, so you can lean forward, bend over and walk with ease. The heavier weight of the dress will guarantee a form fitting flattering silhouette, so you can rely on the dress through the day and don’t need to fret about the fit or if you look good .The thicker weight will also avoid underwear visibility. It will allow the dress to move without sticking to your body. The lining will guarantee you a luxurious feel each time you put the dress on and keep that feeling through out the day.


Michaela’s 7 red dresses are power dresses. They reinforce your performance rather than distract from it. They are an elegant, confident and comfortable alternative to suits.

The dresses are for active women who are on the go and have different tasks in the day and who need a dress that they can rely on. The dress has enough movement to get through all of them with comfort, ease and style.

Michaela’ dresses have the perfect combination of being stylish and practical for your every day tasks and are simply effortless to wear. The weight is suitable for all year round no matter the season. The dresses suit formal and evening engagements.

The dresses are not designed just for the moment but to last for sometime to come. They are dresses to become part of a staple wardrobe.

The dresses have a timeless classic style with a modern twist, so you can add your own style personality as well mix and match it with the rest of your wardrobe to create many looks and have many wear outs throughout the year.

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