Michaela has chosen first names starting with an "A" to reflect that this is her first dress collection. Choosing names easy to pronounce and remember in different languages and finishing with a for a beautiful ring and sound.


The Alana dress is a full-skirted dress with boxy pleats. It was inspired by the sophisticated, romantic vintage style aesthetics of the 50s fashion, but it is fused with contemporary elements that makes it a pretty modern dress with timeless appeal. The dress design is sweet yet sophisticated.

It is perfect for the inverted triangle body shape, because it creates the fuller skirt line distracts from the broader shoulder line and creates visual balance between the upper and lower body.


The Alba is a fitted waist dress with a straight skirt. The dress shows off the most flattering silhouette and combines modern characteristics with classic elegance, which makes it to a modern classic. This structured and perfectly fitting shape features a flattering flared silhouette.

It is perfect for the neat hourglass body shape, because it follows softly its perfect bodylines.


The Amelia is a soft A-line dress with a high waistline that gently skims the curves in the hips and creates a flattering ladylike fit. The dress has a timeless design combined with an easy modern elegance. This contemporary style will take you seamlessly from day to night.

It is perfect for the pear body shape because it balances the lower wider part with the top narrower part of the body.


The Anna is a body con dress that was inspired by the enduring Marilyn Monroe fashion and shows a sculpted figure. The form fitted dress will beautifully smooth around your female curves and define your physique and silhouette from every angle. This dress with its silhouette sculpting design will never go out of a fashion and will always remain hot fashion property.

It is perfect for the full hourglass body shape because it highlights its female curves at the right places.


The Anya is an asymmetric dress. It fuses contemporary femininity with a cool edge. This precision-cut piece features an asymmetric neckline and tight fitted skirt accentuates the flawless cut of this dress and adds interest to the silhouette.

It is perfect for the rectangle body shape because it creates the illusion of a waist and a balanced silhouette.


The Ariana dress is a loose fitted A line dress. It gives the wearer a feminine silhouette with an elegant yet effortless comfortable fit. This dress is the ultimate day-to-night essential due to it its versatility, simplicity and movement as you walk.

It is perfect for the lean column body shape, because it creates female roundness and fullness around the bust and hip area.


The Ava is an A line shift dress. It has the effortless '60 vibe and is a modern feminine piece with clean lines and a relaxed fit, which feels airy and effortless as you move. The strong red colour and the flawless silhouette make it to a staple in any woman's wardrobe with this body shape.

It is perfect for the apple body shape, because it keeps the details in the top and lower thirds and creates the illusion of straightness in the middle part.

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