On Fashion Revolution WEEK Michaela Jedinak shows the team behind her fashion label!

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It was FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK from the 18-24th of April! 

    Get your favourite dress design by Michaela in an original UNGARO FABRIC!

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    Choose from over 85 dress designs to create your very own UNGARO print dress. This floral print design is feminine as sophisticated. It is ideal for the current fashion trend MODERN ROMANCE and a fantastic choice for all Spring and Summer events. Ungaro's floral print design is cool and unique and will guarantee you a one of kind look no matter where you wear it. You can create your favourite dress design with this floral print or just focus on the sleeves, skirt or top. The choice is yours!
    • The Ungaro floral design on STRETCH PIQUET cloth. 
    • My new dress design: The wrap dress ILONA!
    • Michaela Jedinak in the Ilona wrap dress made out of Ungaro floral pint at the Women of Influence Liberty Shopping Event.

    Make a statement in Animal Print!

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    This season all fashion trends set their focus on MODERN ROMANCE including animal prints. Therefore we are introducing our first animal print fabric made out of pure 100% ITALIAN SILK.This print design has a soft colour palette including black, lilac and rose. It has a vintage feel, but looks modern - it is ladylike fashion yet is playful. It is a perfect choice for all up coming spring and summer special occasions.

    This new fabric is 
    available to all existing customers, who want their favourite Michaela Jedinak dress made out of this new fabric design. It is a limited edition and first come, first serve.  Please get in touch with me on [email protected] for more information. We offer a 15% discount on all dress designs made out of this fabric, if you place by the end of the 3rd of April.
    • A fun evening with Beyond BESPOKE at the Getty Images Gallery. Dressed in my customised Bailey dress made out of the new Italian silk print.

      Michaela Jedinak at the Women with Influence for Cancer Research at the South Kensington Club!

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      Dressed in my new blouse dress Hannah, which top and bottom can be customised in over 30 colours. It will be soon added to our website and catalogue. Please get in touch with [email protected] for more information. The price for this version is £590,-
      Here pictured with Gay Collins at the South Kensington Club in aid for Women with Influence for Cancer Research.

      Dressed in my Jacqueline outfit at the South Kensington Club!

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      Lovely evening at the South Kensington Club with Lucy Lewis , Founder and CEO of BEYOND BESPOKE. Loving my new two piece Jacqueline outfit, which comes in over 30 colours.

      Michaela Jedinak in her new Ilona dress at the Sheerluxe event with William Vintage!

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      An evening with William Vintage, who gave one of the most fascinating talks and insights on vintage clothing and past couture designers in the last 100 years. I simply could not resist to post next to a Vintage Dior dress. In this picture I am wearing my new jersey dress design Ilona and a customised version of my Alice Jacket.

      Michaela Jedinak meeting the women behind the "Suffragette" movie & the 14-18 Commissioning Circle!

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      One of the most amazing evenings of my career. I was invited by the 14-18 NOW Commissioning Circle, which is a special Fashion and Freedom project, at the Unilever House. That evening Sarah Gavron- film director and Jane Petrie costume designer of the Suffragette movie shared stories of making the movie as well gave more insights on the amazing strong Suffragette women.

      From the left Sarah Gavron, a maker of the original Suffragette uniform, Jane Petrie and myself. Dressed in my new two piece item called Jacqueline. So far only available to see and buy by appointment only. 

        Dressed in my velvet Dehlia dress at the NEW WAY ADVENT BALL 2015!

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        Last week I attended the NEW WAY ADVENT BALL 2015 where I was dressed in my red velvet Dehlia dress. Here pictured with Caroline Bradley, Director Prime Finance Sale Citi. The Dehlia dress is available in more colours and is available by appointment only. Please contact me on [email protected].
        I had such a great time with the lovely Stacey Cartwright, CEO of Harvey Nichols and her husband Chris Sheasby, an English former international rugby union player, who auctioned my dress on that night!
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